What’s Your Plan?

What's your plan/purpose?

On my way to a client about a week ago, I was thinking about the Bible and its purpose in our lives.  Some choose to follow it; others do not.  Some take it literally, while others see it as a collection of stories that teach lessons about how we should live.

The one thing that hit me quite solidly is that it is simply a set of instructions on life.  These are instructions that everyone, every single person in the world, can follow to live a very good life.

The easiest and simplest example of this that I can think of is that of sexual morality.  I think we can all agree on the Bible’s basic position on sex, summarized in these two statements:

  1. Don’t have sex with anyone who isn’t your spouse.
  2. Have lots of sex with your spouse.

Hypothetically speaking, if everyone kept themselves for marriage, how would the world be different?

  • STDs wouldn’t exist because, well, there would be no sexual contact with more than one person.
  • There would not be as many single-parent families.
  • Porn wouldn’t exist, along with its associated set of problems that it produces in a person’s life.
  • There would be no broken homes due to infidelity, though this is usually a byproduct of a deeper issue.

What if an individual decides to follow God’s outline for sexual behavior?  Half the list above would not be a concern.  He or she wouldn’t be worried about catching any STDs.  Unwanted pregnancies would not happen.  The mental, social, and emotional decline that porn can cause would not influence this person’s life.  In a marriage, this person would not be the one who commits adultery.

That is, by no means, an exhaustive list; it’s just a quick list of the benefits of following biblical principles about sex.  I don’t think that any sane person would label any of these benefits as a bad thing.  The Bible gives us solid instruction about how to live life.  God gave us those instructions so that we can have the foundation of a great life.

Just as the Bible provides instruction that everyone can follow to live an optimal life, I believe that there is a second set of instructions available to us that will greatly multiply our enjoyment and fulfillment in life.  In addition to providing us with instructions on how to live life through the Bible, He has also given each one of us individual instruction, a purpose and plan that will satisfy us beyond measure.  I believe that He has written that plan in our hearts.

There are things that you do naturally.  “Natural inclinations” that you are talented at or skills that just come easily for you.  You find fulfillment and enjoyment in this activity.  You seem to be wired to do this particular thing better than others around you.  This thing makes you special, unique.

There is a reason you like the things that you do.  You find pleasure in these activities for a reason.  It’s how you were designed!

The Bible says that God formed us in our mother’s womb (Ps 139:13).  He mapped out our days before our lives began (Ps. 139:16).  In other words, He has a specific plan for every person who has ever walked this earth!  We were created with a specific purpose and plan for our lives.  We were designed individually and uniquely.  The One who created you did not send you here without an instruction manual, revealing your purpose.  You just have to access it.

God made you to find natural enjoyment doing something specific.  Don’t disregard it or take it for granted.  Those are specific desires that God put in you that are specific to you to give you a source of joy in this life.  Do not ignore it!  Rather, dig deeper into it.  Follow it.  See what will come of it.  Through it, I promise you that you will move that much closer to enjoying life beyond measure.

So I ask you… what’s your plan?

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